Between Logic and Rhetoric for Guitar and Marimba with Dr. Gregory Lyons - Ferdinando DeSena (LIVE)
  Mar de LurĂ­n, after paintings by Fernando de Szyszlo for Oboe and Guitar - Peter Dayton (LIVE)
  Usher Waltz - Nikita Koshkin (recorded by John Reimund)
  Homenaje - Manuel de Falla (recorded by John Reimund)
  Mysterious Habitats - Dusan Bogdanovic (recorded by Ric Cortez)
  Wild Mountain Thyme - Traditional (recorded by Ric Cortez)
  Pavan I - Luis Milan (recorded by Ric Cortez)
  Andante et Rondo - Dionisio Aguado (LIVE)
  El Decameron Negro I - Leo Brouwer (LIVE)
  Courante - Frederic Handel (LIVE)
  Cancion del Emperador - Luis de Narvaez (LIVE)
  Danza Mora by Francisco Tarrega (LIVE)
  Soundscapes by Joe L. Alexander (LIVE)
Soundscapes was written by Louisiana Tech composer Joe L. Alexander for Cain Budds and his predecessor Alan Goldspiel. The electronic sounds are all guitar sounds produced by Alan Goldspiel and manipulated by Joe L. Alexander.
It was premiered on April 26, 2009.